Avalon Lounge & Game Cafe

Avalon is almost here

What We’re Doing and How You Can Support

Hello and thank you for checking out Avalon Lounge & Game Cafe. I’m Melissa, our CEO & President;  and I’ve been dreaming of opening a game cafe for about 10 years and now I’m excited to bring this dream to the world and make it a reality.

Today, we’re launching a crowdfunding investment campaign with MainVest and we’re inviting you to join us to help realize our vision.

We’ve finished major construction; the kitchen & dishroom, adding and renovating bathrooms, mop rooms, storage rooms, building a bar, and refinishing the ceilings, walls, and floors. It’s taken 8 months for us to get into this shape, but we’re getting so close. Here’s what’s happening next, and how you can be included.

  • Finish Furnishing, Painting, and Equipping the Space
  • Secure all our necessary food & beverage permits and licences
  • Hire and train staff
  • Test procedures and practices 
  • Soft open in preparation for the grand opening .

Many local community members have helped us so far by: donating and selling us board games, working on the space with us, peering in the windows while we’re working and waving (they were helping in spirit) and we appreciate all of the love! We just need your help for the final push, so we hope that you’ll invest with us too!

Unlike crowdfunding a board game on Kickstarter or Indiegogo, you won’t get a physical reward for backing us. Instead, you’ll get a return on your investment; by investing in us, we’ll pay you back each quarter with a percentage of our revenues, giving you a 40% return on investment over 5 ½ years.  

If all goes well, we’re anticipating an opening in April 2020. 

Thanks again for following along, and we can’t wait to play games with you.