In collaboration with Prototype Thinking Labs, we’re launching DigitalCamp & Dragons, an emergent online social camp for kids ages 8+ to play RPGs.
We’ve created this very quickly over the last few days, and will be continually updating information as things change. I’ll be highlighting the intense creative talent that is helping make this possible over the next few days.

Our Teachers & Collaboratos

Here are some of our teachers, game masters, and collaborators who are making this possible.

James Mendez Hodes is an eight-year professional youth gamemaster and creator of Dungeon Elementary, a blog chronicling his youth groups’ adventures. He’s also an award-winning game designer and cultural consultant. He specializes in intersections of real-world history, mythology, and culture with gaming.

Melissa Lewis-Gentry is an afterschool program developer & administrator, and award-winning game master with 20 years of experience running games. She is the owner of Avalon Lounge & Game Café. Melissa loves how roleplaying games teach crucial social skills and math while fostering creativity in kids.

J is the creator of the Prototype Thinking program. She believes in reinventing product design & innovation to be as user-friendly to creators as we expect our creations to be for consumers. Formerly a Stanford mathematician / engineer, game designer, and Design Thinking consultant, she brings more than a decade of experience with hundreds of clients.

Do you have availability from 12:30 pm – 4:30 pm EST or PT? Do you have professional experience working with children in a educational, afterschool, or camp setting? Do you have experience running roleplaying games for kids? If ALL THREE of those things apply to you, email Melissa at