Here are some of our teachers, game masters, and collaborators who are helping develop the program and  run games.

James Mendes Hodes

James Mendez Hodes is an eight-year professional youth gamemaster and creator of Dungeon Elementary, a blog chronicling his youth groups’ adventures. He’s also an award-winning game designer and cultural consultant. He specializes in intersections of real-world history, mythology, and culture with gaming.

J Li

J is the creator of the Prototype Thinking program. She believes in reinventing product design & innovation to be as user-friendly to creators as we expect our creations to be for consumers. Formerly a Stanford mathematician / engineer, game designer, and Design Thinking consultant, she brings more than a decade of experience with hundreds of clients.

Melissa Lewis-Gentry

Melissa Lewis-Gentry is an afterschool program developer & administrator, and award-winning game master with 20 years of experience running games. She is the owner of Avalon Lounge & Game Café. Melissa loves how roleplaying games teach crucial social skills and math while fostering creativity in kids.

More educators to come!